What you might’ve missed: new Gucci Mane, Vince Staples

The last two weeks have been jam-packed for music, whether it’s been world news or hip-hop releases. On the hip-hop side of things, there’s been plenty to talk about. So let’s dive in.

New Releases

Beach Goth 2016
Photo: Billboard
  • LPs
    • Droptopwop – Gucci Mane (Review)
    • Teenage Emotions – Lil’ Yachty
    • True to Self – Bryson Tiller
    • Neva Left – Snoop Dogg
    • The God Box – David Banner (Review)
    • Revenge – XXXTENTACION
    • Renaissance – The Underachievers
  • Singles
    • “RAF” – A$AP Mob
    • “Mask Off (Remix)” – Future ft. Kendrick Lamar
    • “Big Fish” – Vince Staples (Review)
    • “Butterfly Effect” – Travis Scott
    • “Glow Up” – Meek Mill

For a more complete list, check out HipHopDX.

Droptopwop – Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane’s formula is well-known: women, sex, money and drugs. Maybe not drugs as much as years ago since Gucci’s sobered up.

Droptopwop is produced by Metro Boomin and even if the tag wasn’t heard throughout some tracks, most hip-hop fans would understand this isn’t far-off from what we’ve heard on Future’s latest mixtapes/albums. I think Gucci’s Atlanta flow with Boomin’s trap-infused instrumentals compliment each other well. “Tho Freestyle” is a comfortable space for Gucci.

The features on this mixtape are surprising, with Migos’ Offset not giving us thought-provoking lyrics, but a flow that rivals Quavo’s. It’s nice to see that trio get work, especially on an Atlanta legend’s tape.

However, I notice that there’s a lack of urgency on most tracks when it comes to Gucci’s flow. I know, he’s never been one for an energetic approach to rapping, but I think Gucci sounded tired at points, especially “Hurt a N* Feelings.” The intro track, “5 Million Intro,” was repetitive and the worst track on Droptopwop.

There’s not much new to this mixtape that we haven’t heard before, but it’s nice to see it streamlined at only 10 tracks.

The God Box – David Banner

Lord, I never again want to hear any of The God Box through speakers in my general vicinity. David Banner, best known for “Like a Pimp,” deviates from ignorant rap to … conscious rap? I’m not sure what to make of a title like The God Box and then lyrics that boast about strippers and twerking on “Elvis.”

The production is out of whack, as well. Which direction is this album headed? Grounded rap, terrible-electronic-vibe rap? Even Big K.R.I.T’s feature is wasted on “My Uzi.”

Banner should probably not enter your rotation this summer … or rest of 2017.

Big Fish – Vince Staples

Between “Big Fish” and “RAF,” these are the two best singles of the month. Vince Staples has teased his new album during the past couple months, and fooled us all with what still may be his new LP’s artwork, but was ultimately used for this single.

“Big Fish” doesn’t boast social commentary, which happens to be the trend with “DAMN.” and other works, but this song is fun. Staples explores a beat that uses a bubbling sound effect — fish! — that lasts throughout the single. The song’s basis is exactly as the title suggests: Staples used to be the little fish, but now feels he’s worthy of a larger role in hip-hop.

And he deserves to be well-received.

The chorus is catchy, the beat is contagious and Staples’ flow doesn’t quit. His new album just got that much more anticipated.



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