Compton rapper Buddy surprises with Ocean and Montana EP

Pharrell protégé and Compton’s own Buddy is an MC that doesn’t shy away from a youthful spirit on his newest EP, Ocean & Montana.

Listen, I had zero clue about Buddy, who’s signed to i am OTHER, a label ran by Pharrell. The minute I hit play and Find Me begins, KAYTRANADA’s production immediately perked my ears and grasped my attention.

Buddy’s flow is introspective and the lyrics reflect, with lines like:

Going crazy outta my mind these days
Summer s* I gotta decide these days
Listennin’ to all the lies they say (say)
Starting up my car, I’m trying to get away
Seems like I’ve been driving all day
Smoking and drinking all by myself
Hoping they’re wishing I find myself

And there’s even a tad bit of singing by the 23-year-old, which surprised me because it was done well. There’s nothing groundbreaking about the lyrics or singing, but it works.

There’s a theme consistent with songs like Love or Something and Guillotine. Buddy is enthralled with sex, weed and drinking on the weekends. The lyrics, again, aren’t substantial. However, they’re not mindless. There’s a flow, and Buddy knows how to develop hooks and choruses.

A Lite has a traditional West Coast flow, a la Vince Staples, and became my favorite track. There’s nothing out of the ordinary, although there’s something that captivates the listener with his carefree spirit.

This EP proves to pave a promising road for Buddy, and there will be not lack of quality producers to choose from thanks to Pharrell. The future is bright for this 23-year-old.

Ocean & Montana is out now on iTunes and Apple Music.


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