ASAP Rocky’s new single RAF is more trap, less substance

Listen, listen — Frank Ocean really gave us bars?

A$AP Rocky’s newest single RAF has finally graced our speakers after weeks of teasing, including a performance during his recent stop in Miami. Immediately the beat tingles your ears and makes you bob your head. Produce by Dun Deal, Rocky finds a flow that we’re accustomed to hearing.

If you are looking for lyrics with substance, however, you won’t find them here. RAF boasts a luxurious lifestyle and riches. The entire foundation is based on, according to Rap Genius, Raf Simons, a luxury menswear label founded in 1995 by the Belgium fashion designer himself, Raf Simons.

I think Quavo has found a consistent wave as of late, where his features are rarely wasted. At the end of Rocky’s verse, the transition into the Migos superstar’s first line, “Please don’t step on my Raf Simons,” makes you say, “Ooooh.”

Frank Ocean, one who’s usually the emotional lad in the bunch, doesn’t croon lyrics laden with suede here. He surprisingly spits, but it doesn’t sound entirely like a comfortable flow:

Down the bottle, still under the limit
I could buy your b*, just off my debit
I could buy her, not f* up my credit
Ain’t no executives flexin’ my blessings
Ain’t no middleman cut in my blessings

Nice little jab at larger labels trying to gain control of the label-less Frank and him saying, “Nay.”

Lil’ Uzi Vert continues to confuse me with his approach to rapping. Why is he —

Ugh, those are as many words as I’d like to type regarding Uzi.

I think RAF will fit better in the context of A$AP Rocky‘s next album, but the Harlem rapper may have his “HUMBLE.” with this single.


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