Hyperbole in hip-hop: Most generic album I’ve ever heard

When it comes to hip-hop, listeners are usually divided heavily on topics. I’ve heard it all: “Oh, J. Cole’s best album is Friday Night Lights,” or “More Life is a good album.”

More Life is pretty bad, but I digress.

As I was browsing r/hiphopheads, I found a weird consensus among some users that Khalid‘s freshman album, American Teen, is generic, with one saying it’s the “most generic album I’ve ever heard.”

OK, let’s set the record straight: American Teen is one of the most refreshing bits of sound in the early half of 2017. Khalid, an El Paso native, swoons his listener with a unique sound that brings nostalgia out of its listeners. Plug-and-play American Teen while you’re cruising down any roadway at night. You’ll thank me later.

But, then we get those who say the album is the most generic music they’ve ever heard. I think hip-hop fans get caught in hyperbole and try to squash artists who are making their breakthrough. It’s sad because when we crown an album or song as the worst (or best) of all-time, we get stuck with artists trending down a true generic path (see: Wale).

I think hip-hop fans need to stop with the hyperbolic statements and listen with a more open-mind. Hip-hop and R&B as genres cannot go through another commercial phase. Instead, let’s welcome the likes of Khalid, Anderson .Paak and BJ the Chicago Kid.



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